About The Heart Center

Since 1992, the expert cardiologists at The Heart Center of Philadelphia, P.C., have offered state-of-the-art testing and comprehensive, personalized care to help you prevent heart disease and improve your cardiovascular health.  

Our reputation - and what makes us truly unique - is the result of our dedication to and focus on prevention. We can help a patient take the important steps today that will help him or her avoid needing more and more serious care in the future.

The Whole Cardiovascular Picture

Unlike many other practices that focus exclusively on the treatment of cardiovascular disease, we cover every aspect of cardiovascular health from prevention to rehabilitation. We consult closely with our patients and provide the advanced screening techniques that will help determine and lower their risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Heart Center physicians will work closely with the primary care team helping to cultivate a preventive cardiovascular process of care. The process of prevention will establish the risk of a patient before experiencing a heart and/or cardiovascular event and help to prevent them in the future. The risk will be established using a detailed history/physical, advanced blood work, and targeted subclinical atherosclerotic testing.

Patients are ultimately placed into three groups - low, medium, and high risk - based on the probability of their experiencing a cardiovascular problem. Your patients will then be advised on the best path forward, through educating them on the ways to choose healthier lifestyles. to making smarter nutritional choices, to providing them with health coaches, and if necessary. to more personalized and individual care at the Heart Center offices. 1.1. Heart Center of Philadelphia physicians are affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and its division, Methodist Hospital. All patients automatically enter the Thomas Jefferson University family of hospitals. one of the nation's most prestigious.

The Heart Center of Philadelphia, P.C., is one of the premier preventive cardiovascular centers in the region and one of...
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Our Hospital Affiliations All of the Doctors at The Heart Center of Philadelphia are affiliated with Thomas Jefferson...
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